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Don't leave your child's career to chance.

Give them the tools to make great decisions about their career both now and in the future.


Choosing a career is possible.

With the Career Factors step-by-step process your child can:

  • Discover what they really want from their career.
  • Identify which of the Career Factors are their primary motivators.
  • Take full advantage of part-time jobs and internships
  • Learn how to prepare themselves for their career... with or without college.
  • Position themselves in the marketplace with a resume that attracts the right opportunities.

In as little as one month, your child will…

  • Understand what it takes to create a rewarding career
  • Make decisions about which career path is best for them
  • Discover opportunities to pursue a career right away

The right approach to a career makes all the difference!


Which career resource is best for your child?

DIY course


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  • One year of access to The Career Factors for Students course
  • Complete library of videos detailing the career roadmap
  • Downloadable worksheets and tools
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Personalized coaching!

  • Eight 30-minute coaching sessions with a certified Career Factors coach
  • Summary and activities emailed to both student and parent after each session 
  • Lifetime access to The Career Factors for Students course
  • Downloadable worksheets and tools
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I'm Sam Feeney

For years I worked as a school counselor helping students get into great colleges... with no clear plan for what they would do after they graduated. 

With Career Factors, I'm on a mission to equip students with the tools to make great career decisions both now and for years to come!

Once my daughter started The Career Factors for Students, I noticed an almost immediate change in the depth of conversations she initiated.

It is great to see her tuned into what she finds important and motivating, while having a clear framework for making meaningful career and life decisions.

Weeks after going through the program, it is obvious the increased confidence and optimism she has when talking about a purposeful future.

- Charity R.

I sincerely want to thank you for all of the help and guidance you have given to our son (and us)!  The Career Factors coaching program has made a sometimes overwhelming series of events much more doable.

It has provided us with a more structured way of organizing next steps, and I truly believe that Leo has a better sense of what direction he would like to explore.

The activities were clearly explained, and I love how you made yourself available for us to ask questions if that need were to arise.  Thank you again, we truly appreciate it!

- Luann B.

As a parent, it was amazing to see the difference in my son's ability to narrow his focus on what was important in his career search. 

When he entered the process he seemed focused on money and skills as his drivers.  During the process he talked about the motivation he felt to really explore things he enjoyed and what made a difference to him.

At the end of the process, he found he was driven much more by impact and growth.  The Career Factors really helped to shrink the search process!

- Margaret J.

Career Factors is for your child if...

  • They aren't confident about their career path.
  • They lack the tools to make career decisions.
  • They are planning to go to college.
  • They are in college and don't know what to do after they graduate.
  • They are out of school and not sure what's next.

Want to discover the first step to a rewarding career? 

Help your child take the Career Factors assessment and... 

  • Discover their CF3™
  • Get resources for clarifying what's important to them
  • Learn more about The Career Factors for Students program
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